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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wedding and Jingle Bells

This is a very exciting time of year. Even though I'm in my 20's I still look forward to Christmas like an 8 year old! The end of the year this year has been very fun for me and my family. I've had a hard time not wishing it away. In October we went on vacation, November a cruise, December now is Christmas, but the day after Christmas more exciting fun happens. My husband's brother is getting married in Boston so we are hopping on a plane and heading East! We've never been to Boston or most of the surrounding areas, so we are VERY excited. Once again though I find myself biting my tongue when the words "I can't wait..." start coming out of my mouth. Most people think anticipation is half of the fun, for me it isn't so. I hate anticipation. So much so I usually find out all my Christmas presents before Christmas day from snooping, to unwrapping a corner and wrapping it back up. This is horrible I know, but for some reason I just can't handle surprises. Anyway, back to the wedding. It has been interesting to hardly be involved with the planning and not hear how things are going. Obviously with my wedding it was very crazy. Even with my husband's sister since we live near then it got kinda hectic. We always knew what the plans were, what they were working on, and went down to help at times. Since this wedding is being planned by a female outside of the family (until a week and a half from now when we will happily welcome her into the family) we don't really know what is going on. When we received their wedding announcement in the mail we were very shocked, we didn't know they had picked out a design or even colors for that matter. The only place I have offered my 2 cents was in the wedding "thank yous." You know the corny presents the bride and groom give you. At least in the culture I live in it is corny. A little bag of mints, a bottle of bubbles, something a long those lines. Well, I found this website with Cheap Wedding Favors. It really is a nice website. There are a ton of choice and you get really good deals. There are other things included on the website besides wedding favors, things such as bridesmaid gifts or groomsmen gifts. There is a lot to look at. I don't know if she has looked at it, or purchased anything since we seem to be out of the loop, but at least she knows there is a good deal if she is interested.
(The story is true but this is a paid post)

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