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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Paper Magician

A couple months ago I was visiting some website and saw a banner ad on the side about winning a trip to Taiwan! Now my family has been planning on going to Taiwan in 2008 so I thought to myself "hey why don't I win a couple tickets and make it cheaper" knowing that the likelihood of winning is pretty much zero (if anyone ever really wins those things). So I put in my info that it wanted and hoped for the best (I pretty much forgot about the next day).

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I got a package in the mail. I hadn't bought anything on eBay so I was really excited at this surprise! I noticed the outside return address label was Taiwan! I opened it up to find a little box containing "Paper Magician". Apparently I had one a prize through that contest, just not the one I had hoped for - but hey, I'll take what I can get!

So last night the hubby and I decided to play with our paper magician and see what happens. We assembled the paper doll, poured in the "magic water" (wonder what that's all about) and the box said in an hour the doll would start to grow, by 12 hours it would be fully grown. Now when there is paper and water combined I picture growing taller (like when you make "caterpillars" out of a straw wrapper and it "grows") but a couple hours later we went and checked on it and it was growing fuzzies, it looked like cheese that had been in your refrigerator for an undetermined amount of time! We wondered if we should be so close to it because we weren't in need of any "penicillin" at the moment. And we certainly weren't going to touch it. Well for your enjoyment here are some pictures of the new furry paper doll. Does anyone have any insight about this?

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