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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Job Hunt 2nd Edition

Well we have move on from applying to large companies that we know about to now finding websites to apply to other companies we don't know about but are researching. We have also signed up for and have had success with it. Last summer when we were hunting for an internship we used the Internet a lot and it was a black hole for us. It was like you put your resume in and you were never to see it again, and neither did anybody else. I assumed (you know what they say about that) that by using the Internet this time things would sort of also end up as a black hole again. I guess once you graduate, have your degree and some experience under your belt you are a lot more desirable. We have heard from about 5 companies. 2 of the jobs have been contract positions for a couple months that could be extended or become permanent. I'm not sure why they have jobs like that. Why would we quit a perfectly good job and move somewhere for a couple months just to be thrown out on our tush and begin the job hunt again? We told those companies that we weren't interested in contract jobs, but if they had anything permanent we would be VERY interested. Some of the other companies we have heard from were in Indiana, and Pennsylvania. I am open to moving to either of those states. I don't know much about them, but I did look up real estate prices in those areas and we could afford a home which is a big selling point for me! So where we don't have any job offers yet, we are being noticed and considered, and I'm very happy with that. We aren't in any big hurry to move until around February or March anyway. If you have any suggestions or advice you can offer on this subject we would be very grateful.

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