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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Being Sick is NO Fun

I'd like to add that in addition to being sick is no fun that being sick and taking care of a sick baby is even more not fun! It seems that whenever the baby gets sick so do I. Last time this happened I was 100% sure she gave it to me. This time I don't know what happened. We were fine and then next thing I know there is crying, and whining, and mucus flowing everywhere... and the baby wasn't very happy either!

Luckily, I have the best baby in the world and she loves to take medicine, so keeping her not so yuckie is easy. We just have to lay her down, give her a squirt of medicine and then clap and say "yay" and repeat until the medicine is gone.

All of this illness didn't hit until Saturday so of course our regular doctors office wasn't open so off to urgent care we went. We were very surprised to find that we were the only ones there and so we didn't have to wait long. Unfortunately, the doctor we saw was NOT a pediatrician and didn't seem to like kids in the least. It was very apparent in the ways we had to hold down our baby while he checked her throat and ears and such. It was very sad. He told us what we already knew and gave a prescription and sent us on our way.

Now we are two days into the prescription and we can see a world of difference. She is able to sleep a little better, her eyes aren't so puffy, and the mucus has decreased (thank heaven!) It's hard to convince a toddler with a raw nose that she needs to get her nose wiped for the twentieth time in 10 minutes. It's all good experience and increases my knowledge. This is my first baby and now I know not to panic with a runny nose, going to urgent care isn't the end of the world, and clapping and saying "yay" will get you pretty far with a toddler! Now on to more of life's lessons!

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