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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yay Discounts!

I love to get discounts. When it comes to traveling I scour the internet looking for the best deal on cruises or flights. Lately I have been interested in toys for my baby. She is growing up a needs a few more toys. I found some great discounts on baby toys at an online coupon website. They have a ton of coupons for everything you can imagine, not just baby toys. There is home and garden, travel, jewelery, gifts, electronics, and the list goes on. You go to the website and get the coupon code for when you are shopping online. This is a great system with hundreds of coupons. Check it out, after all saving money is making money!

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Someday Scientist said...

when you get a discount, you're not technically "saving" anything, you're just spending less than you might have...

if something weren't discounted, would you still buy it? If not, *then* you are saving your money.

but paying a discounted price is still spending money.

RandomEncounters said...

That is true, but if you are going to buy the item anyway, if you buy it on discount then you *are* saving money.