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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Product Testing

Last November I wrote an article about online survey companies and whether or not they were scams. I told of my experiences with three companies that were legit. You can read that article by clicking here. The reason I bring up the survey companies are because I was recently sent some shampoo and conditioner to test. Along with taking surveys for these sites once in a while they send a product for me to test and then take surveys about. Sometimes I know what the brand of the product is, and sometimes I don't. In the past I was sent two huge containers of laundry detergent to test. A couple months ago I was sent a jumbo pack of Huggies Diapers. Now I have some shampoo and conditioner. With the most recent product I don't know the brand. I was a little nervous to test the shampoo and conditioner without knowing the brand. My husband offered to test it first to make sure my hair wouldn't fall out or turn green or something. I'm a week into the test and things are going well. Every time I wash my hair I try to think of how I'll answer the questions that are inevitably coming. Now to the point: not only am I getting points which convert into cash (or prizes if I so choose) I am also being sent products. I am making money and saving money by being a member or these survey companies. The laundry detergent came when we were still in college in 2005 and it was great! It saved up a lot of money at a time when we were particularly poor. Free diapers! Who wouldn't want free diapers? Diapers are very expensive so it was nice to take a break from buying them and have the company give up some for free. Now with shampoo and conditioner, I realize that isn't too expensive, but it still will save up $10 this month because we won't have to buy any. That is always nice. Once again I recommend looking into the companies in the article I referred to in the beginning of this post. There are many benefits to be had. Also, if you have any other survey companies or product testing companies that are legit and you enjoy being a part of, please let me know!

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