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Friday, February 16, 2007

DayLight Savings Adjustment

Well it is news to me but Daylight Savings Time is coming a couple weeks early this year. I remember people talking about moving it up to help save on energy and such, I was opposed to the idea from the beginning. This year is the beginning of the changes. The new Daylight Saving Time date is March 11. This means we are springing forward on March 11 instead of the usual date in the beginning of April. Since this is different from normal all your PCs, palms, cell phones and such may not know this is happening, so be sure to check and double check times on the 11 and there after for the next couple of weeks. If you were luckily enough to buy a new computer or you have Vista, you are spared this inconvenience because it knows about the change. When you have appointments over the next few weeks after Daylight Savings it would be a good idea to check and recheck times with everyone to make sure everyone is on the same time. This could cause you being late for a few appointments or for work, but I'm sure the excuse won't go over too well, so just be warned now! Spring FORWARD one hour on March 11!

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1 Comment:

Ed said...

Now the latest Mac OS X software update that includes an obscure Daylight Savings file makes sense. Thankyou.

As you pointed out, if we hadnt known the score. getting to march 11th and arriving an hour early at a bar would have been disastrous. That would have been a definite case of fall back.