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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Walmart Jumps on the Movie Downloading Band Wagon

First, there was regular Walmart, a place to buy stuff at discounted prices. Then came Super Walmart, a place to buy stuff and food at discounted prices. And then came, a place to buy stuff online at discounted prices, which includes downloading music and more recently downloading movies and TV shows. Now is it just me or is Walmart jumping onto every band wagon they can get on. And to top it all off the Walmart video download site doesn't work in Firefox, and I would think that the same people who are using Firefox would be the same people downloading movies. Another thing that I don't understand is that Walmart is one of the leading sellers of DVDs so it's not like they are suffering from a lack of movie sales. Here's an interesting fact I just found out: the all-time total number of legal movie downloads in history is less than the first day's sales of the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. (ref) Downloading movies just hasn't really caught on yet, if there was an easy way to get the movies that you download from your computer to your TV that would be something I could get on board with, but sitting in front of my computer for two hours just doesn't float my boat. (Some of you may be thinking, "Why don't you just burn it to a DVD and watch it on your TV??" That is a good idea, I guess I will have to go pick up a DVD burner at Walmart this weekend.)

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