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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Computer is Missing a Hard Drive

One of the blogs I frequently visit is Web Worker Daily, it is a blog that gives great resources and advise about how to manage an at home web based business. It would be my dream to one day live that kind of lifestyle, but frankly I don't see how that could ever happen. One of the topics they recently covered was how Google is becoming more web worker friendly with all their new applications they developing; applications like Gmail, Google Talk and the recent Docs & Spreadsheets. And on top of all this Google has integrated Gmail and Docs & Spreadsheets allowing you to open and store documents and spreadsheets online from Gmail. So now instead of having to download the document, make all the need changes, upload it and thensend it to all those that need it; everything can be done in an online environment making sharing and collaborating a whole lot easier.

So what does all this have to do with your computer not having a hard drive?? Well, let me explain.

With all these applications that are available online, including operating systems in the near future, a hard drive really isn't needed. The most important piece of hardware becomes the modem or wifi connection. "How can this be?" you might ask. This is how I see the day of hard drivless computers. You are at you favorite wifi hot spot, you instantly connect to the net and your computer boots up in your favorite online operating system. You need to write a paper for English class so you open up Google Docs, write up you paper and email it to your teacher. You need to store some you photos because your memory card is getting too full, so you upload them directly to your favorite online storage site, edit them at your favorite photo editing site and now you have then card space for all the pictures you are going to take on your next vacation. It's all as easy as that. And to top it all off if you live in a place like Atlanta, GA where they have blanketed wifi you can do all this pretty much anywhere. A situation like this may not be happening in the next few months but I definitely see it the next few years. Who needs a bigger hard drive when you have the whole world wide web at your finger tips.

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1 Comment:

PoEt said...

not sure if i told you or not, but you've been selected for the next BAYB interview. I will send you the questions within the next day (that is if you are interested).

I hope to have the next interview edited and published by Tuesday so ya :)