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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New School vs. Old School: Toys

They don't make toys like they use to. Here's an example; my daughter is one year old and this past Christmas she got a toy phone with wheels and a little pull string, but the phone cord connecting the receiver to the base is two inches long. When she picks up the receiver to "talk" she picks up the entire phone. Up until this weekend I thought the toy maker had one too many screws loose, but someone pointed out that they do this for safety reasons. But now that I think about it there could be a strangulation threat if the cord was long; on the flip side the string to pull the phone behind you is about a foot and a half long, and that could definitely be a strangulation threat. Like I said before they don't make toys like they use to.
I remember the good old days when if you got stabbed by a pencil you needed to rush to the hospital because you might get lead poisoning. When I was growing up I had a friend that lived up the street that had the all metal Tonka Truck, Front Loader and Bulldozer. If you threw one of those at some ones head you could do some serious damage. But now they make everything out of plastic so it's "safer". We grew up with all these "dangerous" toys and we all survived.

Update: Here are some other articles I found that cover this same subject; Deadly Toys of Days Gone By and The 10 Most Dangerous Toys of All Time

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1 Comment:

pravin said...

pencils made of lead? how long back was that? i suppose pencils are made of graphite composite now.

happy ww :)