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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Baby Sitting Teenagers

We are off for a couple days to go "down below" (California talk for going to LA) to baby sit my husbands two teenage sisters. My husbands parents are off to his other sister's college graduation and would prefer that their teenagers were alone for 3 days. We will have internet access so we may be able to post, but just in case we can't, we will be back on Saturday. To make it fun they are leaving us movie tickets for when the girls are at school tomorrow and they got a couple "gifts to stick in the DVD player" so we are excited. The girls don't really need to be babysat since one of them can drive, but being home alone at night can be scary no matter how old you are. So have a great weekend and if we don't see you sooner, we'll see you on Saturday!

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