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Monday, April 16, 2007

Non Invasive Tumor Treatment

It used to be that if you had brain tumors that needed to be operated on you had to go through a risky surgery that involved cutting into your head. There is now something called a Gamma Knife that allows neurosurgeons to perform brain surgery without cutting into their patients. By orbiting the patients head, the Gamma Knife is able to discharge a powerful beam of energy that can destroy brain tumors. Unfortunately many people do not know about this brain tumor treatment option. I know there are many different kinds of brain tumors that lead to many different treatment options. My sister has a brain tumor but it able to keep things under control with medicine. Another person I know had to have an incredibly dangerous surgery to have his brain tumor removed. Perhaps if the word gets spread, less people will have to undergo those dangerous surgery's, to have a safer form of brain tumor treatment.

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