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Monday, April 16, 2007

Job Hunt 5th and Final Edition

If you would like to catch up on the ups and down of our job hunting you can read about it here with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions.

Well it has been a little over two weeks now since my husband got laid off. Fortunately we had been looking for a new job since November, not because he disliked his job, but because we cannot afford a home in California and wanted to see some other part of the country. When he got laid off a couple Friday's ago, he had a fly out interview that next Thursday. That interview turned into a job offer last Tuesday. After a week of negotiations we have finally signed off on that job and we are moving!

It feels good to know that we have a job to go to. We have now been treating my husband's time off as paid vacation and we have been able to relax a little bit. We now are starting into the unknown world of first time home buying. My dad has bought and sold properties on numerous occasions through out his life so we have been getting a LOT of advice, some asked for, some not. I keep hearing phrases from him like "the agent works for the seller, don't become her best friend because she works for the seller" and other things like "reoccurring and non reoccurring costs" or "junk fees." I feel a lot more informed now that I did a week ago.

Later this week we will be house hunting in the new state where our job is. I've wanted my own home since I was a little girl, but with everything my Dad has told me I've been questioning that lately. There is a lot more than looking at a house, falling in love with it, and signing some papers. Who knew? Certainly not me. Now that I am more informed I feel like I will less get taken advantage of, but I'm still nervous to tackle this with my parents. I'm worried that people there won't give me the best advice like my Dad would. Hopefully I've learned enough to be smart and stand up for what is best for my husband and me. I have learned to use my Dad's HP calculator so when we are meeting with the lender and such I can do my own calculations to make sure everything is checking out. Hopefully that will show them that they can't take advantage of me. I am trying to not adopts my Dad's philosophy that "everyone is out to get you, and everything is a scam." Between my husband and I, all that we have learned, and with some instinct I hope all will be well, and maybe next week I'll be able to report that I am the proud new owner of a home!

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1 Comment:

Ed said...

Hope it works out, although it sounds like you guys will do alright.

Sorry you didnt send sufficient traffic to make the top spot for gummi bears and review on MyBlogLog Sunday, but there is always next week!!

cheers Ed