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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Healing Wounds

Have you ever heard or been told that letting your wound get some air is good for it? When I was younger and I would get a cut and put a band aid on it, a couple days later my mom would say to me "why don't you take off the band aid and let your cut get some air. " I used to believe this theory... until I had my skin cancer taken out and received a set of instructions to care for my wound. Would you like to know the truth? Here it is:

A wound will actually heal faster and with a better cosmetic result if it is kept clean and cover with ointment and a fresh bandage. Also instead of using neosporin use polysporin, this will help the wound to heal a more natural color where as neosporin will help it heal red. This is the exact opposite of letting your wound get some air to heal faster. Now I haven't had a wound previous to my skin cancer wound in a while, nor have I ever had one so big, so I don't remember how fast the healing process usually takes. I will say that I think my wound is healing at a not-so-fast pace, but I have had a few difficulties with it. Since this advice of keeping my wound covered and freshly bandaged with medicine on it is coming from my dermatologist I will take that to be a fact. I figure a doctor knows best and if he says the open wound policy is an old wives tale then I believe it. I'll let you know when things really start healing well.

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