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Monday, April 23, 2007

We Are Back!

Well the long silence is over and we are home from our house hunting trip. Man, we thought job hunting was a roller coaster, house hunting was ten times worse. We saw a ton of houses, most we really liked. There was one that stood out to us and loved it so we put an offer in. After soon negotiating the sellers weren't willing to budge on their price, and we couldn't match their price so we walked away from it. After the sellers slept on it the next morning at 7am they made a counter offer. We didn't find out about that until until 5pm. We were going to sleep on the counter offer and see what kind of interest rates were available to us, but then we got a call saying they pulled their offer and received another offer. We waited while they negotiated the second offer and then the next day finally found out they accepted the other offer. We at first were very mad that we had a counter offer all day and didn't find out about it until that evening, but then we crunched some numbers and saw what the house payment would have been and we got over it. We have come home from our trip without a home to move into so when we move in a couple weeks we will be moving into a hotel until we get a home. We are too excited about that. Now that we have had some experience with buying a home I think we will do a lot better next time and hopefully win the next house we love!

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