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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Meet the Robinson's

Last night we took the girls to Meet the Robinson's. Now I watch a lot of Disney channel with my daughter and so I have seen a lot of previews and behind the scene things of this movie and I honestly wasn't looking forward to seeing it. We chose that movie because it was the only cartoon play at the theater and my daughter would only sit through a cartoon. The movie from the previews didn't look very good, but after seeing the movie, I love it! There are fun and interesting twist and turns throughout the movie. Some of the other people I saw the movie with were figuring out the plot while the movie went along but I didn't. I was trying to figure it out, I was enjoying just sitting and watching and not thinking about it. It was a very fun movie with a lot of fun surprises. I think when this one comes out on DVD I definitely want to purchase it. For some reason it kept being talked about in my family in regards to The Incredible. People were saying, "I like it more (or less) than The Incredibles." I didn't like The Incredibles so I really liked it more, but my husband loves The Incredibles so he didn't think it was better, but he did think it was a good movie. Anyway, it is totally a flick I recommend, very family friendly and fun to watch.

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