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Monday, April 9, 2007

Help me Win!

OK there are gummi bears at stake here so PLEASE help me win! Over at The Pisstakers there is a competition going on. It's called MyBlogLog Sunday. Everyday Sunday morning The Pisstakers capture the last 10 people to have visited them through MyBlogLog and have a competition with them to see who can bring them the most traffic. This past Sunday I worked it so I was on that list! YAY! So PLEASE go visit their website by clicking any of the links in this post, or on my blogroll or anywhere else you see their name on my blog. I'd love to win those gummi bears!!!


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Ed said...

I clicked on one of them pesky Pisstakers link to start the ball rolling :) don't want you going without gummi bear options. I appreciate the support and lets hope your readers find something good to read!!!

RandomEncounters said...

Thanks for the help Ed, at least I could refer the author of the blog to read his own blog! YESSS!

PoEt said...

hope i helped :)