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Sunday, April 29, 2007


As we are getting to be about 9 days until we move I have been contemplating all the changes that will happen in our lives. New responsibilities we've never had. When you are a student in college living in an apartment in most cases you don't have to pay all your utilities. That is one new experience and I'm nervous about it. Since we've never had to pay a water bill or sewer bill, how expensive is it going to be? The biggest change and the one I want to dwell on in this post is gardening.

Living in an apartment or condo also meant you had zero responsibility for the gardening and upkeep of the lawn. Before we went on our house hunting trip last week I was dreading having to start mowing a lawn, planting plants, having a garden, and keeping the plants alive. I haven't been the best at keeping things alive so far in my life. After the house hunting trip, however, I have found a major change in my attitude. realizing that the grass and plants and garden are MINE! It is my yard that I own and I WANT to take care of it. I'm proud of the dirt I will own and I want it to look beautiful. When we go to places like Walmart I find myself stopping to look at the plants and wonder which plants will survive best in our new state. I look forward to going to a nursery there and finding out which plants will thrive. I'm very excited to get some plants and get my hands dirty with planting! We don't own a lawn mower, so I look forward to getting one (but I'll leave the mowing up to my husband because I don't look forward to that). I am pleased with my change of attitude and when we finally get a house I'll be sure to update you with pictures on the process of our new yard and the beatification process we will begin!

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