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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Random Time

Some of our newer readers may not be aware of the "Random World" they are surrounded by here at Random Encounters of We. Random Encounters of We is the "mother ship" if you will of our "Random World." We have a collection of "random" blog and I'd like to invite everyone to check them out. If you have some down time or are looking for some free online fun, there is a fun game blog that we run called "Random Games." That blog has received some rave reviews and would love to entertain you if you are looking to be entertained. There is also another blog that my husband is the author of. Now with being laid off, job hunting and now house hunting it has been a little neglected, but he will be getting back to it, and the articles currently there are great. That blog is for the kid in all of us because it is about Random Super Heroes. I just thought I'd put a plus in for the other blogs since it had been a while. I hope you have a fascinating time visiting those other blogs! Enjoy!

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