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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

To Buy Here or There?

When we move we will be moving to a place out in the rural country. It could definitely be classified as small town USA. We have been thinking that some of the things we need we should perhaps buy while we still live in California because it may be a pain to get them once we move to the middle of no where. We are thinking that while we live really close to a Circuit City and a Best Buy that we should get a computer printer. Ours got stolen out of our storage unit, and it is something we definitely will need. There are a lot of cool printers that do everything. They copy, print, scan, print pictures, and probably juggle! They aren't very expensive either. We are looking at ones around the $100 range since that is all the storage unit place gave us to replace it. We figure we should buy it now and not have to worry about it when we move because by then we will be having to drive an hour to get to a circuit city or some place like that. I'm sure there will other things we should probably get before we leave, but won't think of them until we are in the middle of no where and forced to drive the hour to go buy it! Oh well, what can you do?

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