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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Job Hunt 3rd Edition

Well my husband is currently off at a job interview! has really come through for us. We have had contact with multiple companies and a couple of phone interviews. This has been the first interview where the company has flown him out and interviewed him at the location. He was very nervous for this interview but very excited. He said it went well. He got along well with all those he met. He was interviewed by a panel so he had the opportunity to meet a lot of employees. He liked the atmosphere of the company. He had to take a drug test, so that is always fun (NOT!) Of course he passed with flying colors, it's just that handing a cup full of urine isn't the most respectable thing to give a stranger, or someone you know quite well in fact. Overall he had an enjoyable time. He feels good about the interview and we anxiously await their decision. He liked the city and didn't get too lost on his journey. We had previously map quested all his destinations to cut down his getting lost time. I look forward to having him home again. We don't often go our separate ways, so I'm very excited for him to be back late tonight. He has the tricky job of returning to work tomorrow with no knowledge of what happened these past couple of days. Secretive job hunting and interviewing is a tricky business, but deep down in his heart he always wanted to be a spy so now he can act like one!

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1 Comment:

PoEt said...

well good luck, i hope he gets it if he wants it!