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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Windows Vista

The day has finally arrived, Windows Vista is here. Did you see me in line braving the freezing cold to get a copy, no. I have tried to keep up with major news about Vista for past couple of months but nothing I read made feel like Vista was something I had to have. I have been reading the latest news about it today and even the Pro-get Vista articles are not presenting anything that makes Vista worth getting right now!! One of biggest reasons holding me back from buying a copy is that I can't get the discount because I don't have an XP cd. Even though between my wife and I we have two computers (actually three, but the third one has a bad power supply), both are running XP but they were given to us so the cd must have gotten lost in the exchange or something; bottom line, we are lacking XP cds. So the only way I see Vista coming to my house is on a new computer, and unless my tax return turns out to be a surprisingly large I don't see a new computer in my near future.
I read an article at entitled Windows Vista: 15 Reasons to Switch. I went through each of the 15 points and I thought each one was cool or a good idea and I would use them if I had them but it wasn't enough of a WOW factor to really empress me. One of the points was the new sidebar widgets, I already have widgets on my desktop so i don't need a new OS that offers something I already have. Then I read the 6 Reasons to not Switch, I found it really insightful. This article covered things like Vista isn't "complete" yet, not all programs and devices are compatible with Vista yet and that you basically need a new computer in order to use Vista at it's full capacity.
I think one day I will switch to Vista, but for now I am going to wait until some of the major wrinkles get ironed out.
(I would consider getting Vista if I found a generous donation from the PayPal donate, found on the right hand side of your screen -->)

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Addie said...

When we visited my brother in Aus, I used his PC quite alot. He had Vista beta on it and I can't say I was very impressed with it ... I'll stick to XP for now!

Write From Karen said...

I also heard, on a radio program yesterday, that Vista will delete any Windows programs you have on your computer if they can ascertain that you improperly obtained (borrowed the CD from someone else) the program and uploaded it. They won't notify you that they have done so, they will simply do so.

I have no idea if this is a scare tactic, some big brother program or a bunch of hogwash, but I have always been of the mindset that if it ain't broken, I ain't buying a replacement. lol

I highly recommend sticking with what you have. If your current OS is doing the job, then why upgrade?

Also, in regards to you guys not having the XP CD - I recently bought a Dell with XP already loaded on it. It didn't come with a CD, but it did have a copy of a CD with the registration number on it. Supposedly, if I have to reload XP on my Dell, I can use that number and all is right with the world. You might check the documentation that came with your computers?

Good luck!

PoEt said...

I never heard back from you guys about wordpress...

how do you like it? Did you even get to look at it yet? lol