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Sunday, January 28, 2007

How many people really have been to McDonald's?

Some McDonald's signs say "Millions and Billions served" others just say "Billions Served" and some like this sign give an actual number.

In the blogosphere visitors (traffic) are a huge thing for the survival of our websites. We speak of unique visitors compared with return visitors, or subscribers. I love my subscribers and appreciate all the return visitors I get. A place like McDonald's would only be able to survive with return visitors, people who keep coming back multiple times. My question about McDonald's is this: How many people have really been to McDonald's? When your sign says 99 billion served, that is repeat business. How many unique visitors have they actually received? If only there were a site meter at McDonald's, then we might know the answer to this question. I'm afraid the answer to this question will be left up in the air through the ages.

Have you ever been to Mcdonald's?
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Miss Positive said...

I like McDonald's. But, it's not good to eat too much. I have to watch my weight & my health. =)

Ed said...

Having watched Oversize Me, and having been queezy too many times after fast food burgers, I dont do Mac Donalds any more.

I remember seeing signs 50 billion sold, but that was a long time ago, so who knows what the number refers to. Maybe number of cows ground up?

RandomEncounters said...

To the person who keeps getting their comments deleted by me:

I am not from Canada, if you knew how to read you would have noticed on my profile that I am from the USA.

Rose DesRochers said...

Eeeek, What's wrong with Canadians? I have been to Mcdonalds and I'm a returning visitor.