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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blog Carnivals

When I first heard about blog carnivals I wasn't too excited to participated. I would check out the Blog Carnival website but didn't really find anything I wanted to participate in. Recently, though, my attitude has completely changed! I love blog carnivals! There are so many topics that you can pretty much find one to submit any of your posts to. They bring in a lot of quality traffic and blog carnival quests usually leave comments, which is always fun in my opinion. On top of all of these things, they provide a link to your blog. That is the biggest bonus of them all. Some of the blogs that host blog carnivals are members of Technorati, so by participating I have greatly improved my ranking with them, which also helps bring in traffic. It is a wonderful cycle. A couple weeks ago registers with the blog carnival website so I could host a carnival if I wanted to. I do want to, but since I have no idea what goes into hosting I'm a little nervous about messing it up. I am also at a lack of an idea for a carnival. Any suggestions and tips would be very welcome!! Happy Posting!

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