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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Make Money with Hub Pages

Hub Pages is program I just came across to help you make money. It is a program like digg. You create a free account with hub pages and write articles. I usually just copy and paste my favorite articles from my blogs and put them on Hub Pages or you can write original articles just for your hub. Then you link your google adsense account, amazon, or ebay through hub pages to help you earn money. I have my hubs affiliated with my google adsense, this means that when anyone is reading my hubs, there are ads on the top of the page. If one of these ads gets clicked then it shows up on my adsense account. I love this program. Of course, like most of the good things on the web, there is a referral system in place. If you have referrals sign up under your name you'll receive a percentage of the impressions their hubs (articles) generate. Hubs are rated from 1-100, so the higher your number the closer to the top of the list you are. Receiving referral impressions will help your hubs move up the list and been seen by more people, resulting in more income. If you would like to check out hub pages and help me with a referral, click this link to Hub Pages.

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