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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Money Statistics

I have never done this before but I thought it would be fun to do my money statistics so far. I love to read these on other blogs, to see what programs work the best for them, so perhaps you'd like to know what is happening for me.

Paid Post Sites:
Blogitive (Since Nov. 12 2006) $35
CreamAid(Since Oct. 15 2006) $15
Blogsvertise Has yet to offer me anything

Ad Sites:
Adsense (Since Nov. 11 2006) $12.50
Sta-ads (Since Dec. 9 2006) $ .85
Money4Blogs (one time payment) $25- only on 1 blog, as my other blogs gain popularity I'll submit those also.

Other Sites:
myLot $10.11 (They pay in certain increments, at the pay date this is what I had in my account, but I have made more than this!)

That makes for a grand total of: $98.46!

I'll take what I can get. I have only been up and running for almost 3 months. Visitors are on the rise. I'm figuring more out about adsense everyday to help increase those earnings. By far blogitive is the biggest help to me. I do have some more money coming from them, but I didn't want to include "pretend" money that I haven't received yet. Also, as far as Creamaid goes, you get paid once they fill their post quota, on top of that if someone participates through your Creamaid widgets you get a referral bonus which also doesn't come until the conversation closes so I don't have more money on the way with them, but didn't want to include it. Things are good. It's $98 I didn't have before and I'm very grateful for it. I plan to increase my earning this year dramatically with the help of my other blogs Random Games and Random Super Heroes, with hopefully some new great blog ideas on the way! Plus I am a co-author over at Blog About Your Blog which helps to bring in traffic. This money is completely 100% profit since I use free blogs. I'm sure there are others who have made more money in 3 months but I'm happy with my stats and motivated to increase them!

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Miss Positive said...

Wow! Congratulations! I would like to achieve like how you did too but it'll take me a few more months to do it. =)

How come you did not earn from PayPerPost? Lots of people are earning from it.

Congratulations once again.

Miss Positive said...

Hi again. I like your blog very much and I've added you to my blogroll. Have a nice day. =)

RandomEncounters said...

Miss Positive, I am not a member of payperpost. In order to join my blog needs to be at least 90 days old, and I'm around 75 days. As soon as I hit 90 you can bet I'll join! thanks for blog rolling me. I have looked at your bog and also enjoy it, I will return the link favor!

Miss Positive said...

Hi, thanks for the link. Oh, just another 2 weeks then to join payperpost. Good luck! =)

Blogger said...

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