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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Let's Make Some Money with Posts!

Most bloggers have heard of pay per post sites like Payperpost (that's original huh?), Blogitive, ReviewMe, and such. One site that I became familiar with a couple months ago is called CREAMaid. This is also a pay per post site, but no registration is needed, and it isn't as exclusive and some of those sites tend to be. This site is unique in that it uses conversation widgets to track when you publish paid posts. Every week or two a couple "conversations" start on CREAMaid. You go check out the site and see what is being advertised. Recently is was a site about free fonts that I wrote a post about a day or two ago. Other examples include talking about McDonald's, reviewing the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, a free dating site, and the list goes on. You choose what you want to participate. Check out the website or product that is being advertised and click on the conversation widget to begin. The conversation widget will give you a unique code to embed in your paid post that will enable CREAMaid to see that it is your post and you should be paid. This widget also acts as an advertisement on your website for other to join in the conversation. If someone joins the conversation and uses your widget to do so, you receive a referral bonus of a couple of buck (usually $2) when the conversation is finished and the post limit has been met. This has been a great site to be apart of. You can pick and choose, you don't need to register, and you get paid as soon as your post is approved through paypal. The amounts always vary, but a couple of them that I have participated in have been as high as $10. I think that is pretty good money for 10-15 minutes worth of work, plus the traffic it brings in to your blog. So next time your out of offers from blogitive or some other site, head on over to CREAMaid and check it out!

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