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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

myLot Comes Through

First let's explain what myLot is. It is a type of discussion board where you get paid to participate. Registration is free. You go to the website and comment on other discussions or start your own and get paid to do so. The pay is meager but with some effort and some great referrals you can earn a good amount of money each month when they payout. I have previously spoken of mylot and that they actually did pay people. Well when I wrote that I hadn't been paid, but some other friends of mine had. Well now I have been paid! I had set my minimum payout for $25 but I realized since I don't contribute as often as I would like to mylot I should set my payout at the minimum ($10) and just get paid, so I did and I received my paypal payment! I was very excited to get it, especially since I had also just sold some ads space on Random Games so I felt pretty successful yesterday with the blogs. I am wanting to calculate some numbers and report on my earnings up to this point. I know this isn't that kind of blog, but I like to read about what other people are making so perhaps a few of you would be interested to know how I have done in my 3 months of blogging and 3 blogs later.

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