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Monday, January 8, 2007

U-Turn Count

While we were back in New England we did a lot of driving. We had a 15 passenger van because at all times there were at least 7 people, our highest number in the van was 11. We needed the extra room of the 15 passenger van for all that luggage! Can you imagine luggage for 11 people? Six of those being girls!! We drove from Massachusetts, to Connecticut, to Rhode Island, New York, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Every stop was mapquested but since we have never been there it didn't guarantee we get to our final destination without any U-turns. In fact throughout our 7 day journey we made 18 U-turns. Most of these were made in Massachusetts since that is where the majority of our time was spent. Overall I think that 18 U-turns isn't too bad considering all the driving we did, and visiting 7 states. It was fun to keep track of the U-turns though. It turned into a little game! Now that I think of it, what we should have been keeping track of was the toll count. How much money we spent on toll roads. That's one reason you gotta love the west coast - freeways!!

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