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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

I'm sorry for having two movie posts right next to each other. I didn't plan on writing about My Super Ex- Girlfriend but the movie literally just ended and I felt it my duty to warn people. Stranger than Fiction is what my husband and I saw on our date this past weekend. I used to dislike Will Ferrell very much. It wasn't until Elf came to be that I changed my views and started to like him. I also loved Bewitched. So I was very excited to see Stranger than Fiction. This movie is about an author (Emma Thompson) writing a story about a "fictional" character Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) who isn't fictional at all. As he goes about his daily life as an IRS agent he can hear her narrating the story of his life. He goes to a psychiatrist who tells him he is crazy and then ends up talking to a professor of literature (Dustin Hoffman) who helps him figure this thing out. The problem is, the author of his story is known for killing off the heroes in her books and so Harold Crick is next to die. They eventually meet and sort out the details (I'll let you find out if he lives or dies). This seems to be a very original idea. It was nice to finally see a movie that wasn't a sequel or a remake, but this movie was just painful to sit through. There were some morbid parts as Emma Thompson's character would imagine how to kill off Harold Crick. Some not so great acting by a couple members of the cast. I did enjoy Harold's girlfriend Ana Pascal(played by Maggie Gyllenhal). I didn't enjoy the number game that kept going on. I know if was to just show how into number Harold Crick was because he was an IRS agent, but it was just painful for me and got old quickly. It didn't seem very funny. At one point I leaned over to my husband and ask if this movie was a comedy or if it was serious, I couldn't tell, I still don't know. Over all this movie gets a C-, at best. It definitely wasn't as bad as my super ex-girlfriend (check out that post for more). If you have any other views to add to my perspective I'd love to hear them.

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