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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Becoming a Pearl

It takes 3-6 years for a clam to make a pearl. There are differing factors that can cause the pearl to be made faster or slower such as the size of the irritant it is trying to get rid of but it basically follows that 3-6 year time line. Just as a beautiful pearl takes a while to form and become a piece of elegant jewelery so does a website that intends to continue to improve and become better. This website has just launched its forth template in 11 months. We are constantly working to become bigger and more beautiful. We strive to publish quality content that will help people. We try to have fun, interactive contests to get people involved and participating in the site. We have reached some level of success with having 19+ subscribers and getting steady comments and participation. I hope it doesn't take 3-6 years for us to meet our introductory goals of 25+ subscribers and $200-300 per month, but we will do what we need to, to continue to improve so we can meet those goals and reach for higher ones.

In honor of this new template while I was on vacation I cracked a pearl out of a clam and put it on a necklace. When I can get a good picture of it I'll add it to this post.
Any feed back on this new template would be appreciated. We are still ironing out some wrinkles in the sidebar to get it organized better, any opinion there would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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