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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Great Time of Year

I love fall. I love when things start to cool down. The weather starts change. The leaves and plants start turning pretty colors. There is a wonderful fall scent that fills the air. It is a great time of year. Fall also means that some of the year's greatest holidays are coming. Halloween is very fun for us. We totally get into it. Our house is somewhat decorated. We put up some lights and thing but then I got sick so I stopped decorating. Thanksgiving is a very yummy holiday. We are excited to have our own Thanksgiving this year with the just three of us. It is fun to have big family gatherings, but when your family is new and little it is exciting to celebrate on your own. Then Christmas is a great time of year, so much happiness and charity throughout the world. New Years is nothing special, but fun. It is a great excuse to get a couple days off of work. Fall is the great door opener to a fantastic year end. Happy fall everyone!

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