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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Easy to Book

As my trip to Germany approaches I have started thinking about a couple side trip I would like to take. Easy to Book is a great site to look up hotels in other countries. For example the link will take you to the site for hotels in Amsterdam. That is one of the places I am wanting to take a little trip to while in Germany so I have had some fun looking that up.

When we were choosing our flight options one of them had a lay over in London. I was hoping maybe we could make it a longer lay over by staying a day in London. If we were to do this I could also book my hotel at Easy to book.

You may have also noticed from reading this blog a couple of months that I love Broadway shows. Easy to book also has some New York hotel deals you can check out if you are headed there. We are wanting to take a quick trip to NYC to see a new show that just opened last week. We'll have to keep checking out the deals to see what we can do.

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