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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Napkin Holder

One would think after four months of living in our new home we would have come across everything we need to live comfortably adequately. We have packed for trips and unpacked our things and just plainly lived and yet today we came up with three things we still need (besides a couch, that's been obvious from the beginning). We firstly need a napkin holder. Now I don't know why this took so long to discover. We have been putting a pile of napkins in the middle of our table for months now and it bothers me everyday, but I have never thought of a napkin holder. Today at lunch when my husband went to get more napkins out of the cupboard he said "we should get a napkin holder." Well duh! Why didn't I think of that.

The second thing that we thought of that we need we actually thought of a couple weeks ago. We need a toilet brush. For Christmas many, many years ago we received a bottle brush (don't ask me why) and so we have been using that as our toilet brush. Well I think I'm finally old enough and responsible enough to own a real toilet brush.

The third thing we though of because we have been doing a lot of yard work lately trying to make our landscaping beautiful. It is far from it right now if you were wondering. Anyway, we need a rake. It would be really helpful in evening out the dirt where we are going to put sod and in pulling out all the weeds everywhere.

It's funny how long you can go with some basic items. This weekends shopping trip we will be sure to include these few items as well as the normal things we purchase on a weekly basis. I wonder what we will come up with next that we need.

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