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Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Link from John Chow

So I haven't been John Chow's biggest fan but lately I decided to bury my negative feelings and try to learn from the man. A couple days ago he wrote a post about eating at Union Gospel Mission which is a soup kitchen in Vancouver. He said that everyone who donated money to the mission to help them feed the hungry for the upcoming holidays would receive a link back from him and he would match dollar for dollar all the donations. I thought this would be huge to get a link, after all most people know how great John's stats are. I decided to donate so I could get an impressive link from John Chow to this blog. Yesterday he posted the results of the donations and the lists of people who donated with there link and there was my name proudly displayed near the top of the list. It is great to have a link from John Chow to here and it hopefully bring little rush of traffic! Thanks John!

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kirbitz said...

hi there random! im back! after 2 weeks of inactivity. Hey, i love your new template. I have to say its a big improvement from the previous one.

Keep it up!


RandomEncounters said...

Welcome back Kirby, glad to see you around.