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Friday, August 3, 2007

Share your Pics for Money

I was told about this website where you upload your photos and get paid to share them. When people look at your pictures you get paid. It is about $.22 CPM so for every 1000 people that look at your pictures you get paid that much. This is actually a pretty good ratio, plus sharing pictures is fun. Almost everyone has uploaded pictures on the internet and like sharing them, now you can get paid to do so. If you want to look into this program you can click on the banner in this post and it will take you to the website so you can get started! I just started today, and I'm having a ton of fun. Also, you can put up adsense on your photo galleries and add to your adsense revenue that way!

UPDATE: So I've been a member of Shareapic for about a week now and it is amazing! I have had a great time uploading a lot of my pictures. I have uploaded mostly vacation pictures that other people would enjoy looking at also. Just from having uploaded pictures and having them on the site I have gotten a lot of picture views which results in me making money. It has been awesome so far. I would totally encourage you to click the banner ad and check it out. It is a lot of fun and you make money by having fun!

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prime said...

Interesting, everyday there are new ways to earn money from the internet.

Michelle Gartner said...

Hi- you signed up at shareapic under my referral- thanks. I love your pics- the rose parade ones from behind the scenes are cool. I just wanted to mention that I had a hard time finding you, I clicked on your link, but I think there is an error in it. It doesn't look like it when you view it, but when I click on it your address is prefaced by the http part twice... Your blog is cool and I will be back. -Michelle I can be found here Smart not Cheap or here One of a Kind Wisconsin