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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Everyone is Writing about Everything

A couple of days ago I was asking myself a question: If everything has already been written about why do we keep writing? Of course when it comes to news that happens and changes everyday, so that topic was excluded from my thinking. I was thinking more along the lines of blogging tips, money making tips, google adsense optimization, SEO and such. I felt like since a million people have already written millions of articles about those topics, why do people keep writing them. A lot of what people write is useless because someone with more knowledge or more experience has already adressed that topic.

Later it occurred to me that it is wonderful and appropriate that everyone is writing about the same things because everyone's experience is different and can help different people. Just because John Chow has success with one way doesn't mean that will work for me, but maybe a little unheard of blog has the best advice for my blog! Everyone's experience with all of these things is different therefore they have something different to say.

I'm glad I was able to work through this question before I wrote a post about it and felt stupid by all the response that people should keep writing about previously written things. This blog might just be helping me get smarter!

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