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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Community Love

I like to support other bloggers by reading their blogs, offering comments when I have something useful to say, subscribing to their feeds and offering links with no strings attached. I used to feel that I would never link to people on my site unless the link was mutual. There have been times when I have been surprised to find that someone has linked to me because they liked a post or my blog. They didn't ask for a link in return, they linked out of the kindness of their hearts. This made me rethink my selfishness because we all need to be helping each other. We are the online community and just like the community you live in, you want to show support and be an active participant. Since I learned this valuable lesson I have since changed my attitude about links and linking to sites that I love. I now freely write posts and like to other blogs or articles within other blogs because I want to. I like to share interesting and helpful things I find on the internet and now I love to share them, even if I don't get a link in return. It makes me feel good to write articles where I link to other blogs because I know the author of that blog probably appreciates being linked too. We all need to be more willing to help and share. We belong the online blogging community and let's start showing some more love!

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1 Comment:

Ann Levings said...

I like to tell bloggers when I have learned something from their posts. Your post is a good reminder to say 'thank you' when someone has shared useful information.
Thank you for the reminder to play nice and show manners.