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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Payday Loans

The sad truth is that there are instances when we need financial help to get through the tough times in our lives and sometimes feel that we need payday loans to help us get through these rough patches. Due to their high fees and even higher interest rates, it is advisable that we stay away from payday loans as an emergency back up when we are in need of money quickly. Even though it is difficult to budget the money that we make, it is imperative to do so as using payday loans is sometimes like throwing money away.

If we can turn to friends or relatives as an alternative, it will result in a better, more financially sound outcome. Our friends and relatives are there in times of dire need and it is not a problem, in most cases, for them to loan us the money that we need. They also are usually much more lenient on the payback schedule and that type of familiar loan will not affect our credit in a negative way. Usually, your friends and family won’t charge you high interest rates every payday. Of course, the best way to assure our financial stability is to eliminate debt altogether and start at least a savings account or an emergency fund. With a good, tight budget and a great savings plan, things will look up and you will be able to handle just about any financial emergency.

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