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Monday, August 20, 2007

I feel a little nervous and sick right now

So we bought a house with a pool, we didn't want a pool but this is the house we bought and so we are stuck with a pool. Stuck until today. We are having our pool filled in. I know a lot of people will think we are crazy for this but we didn't want the added expense of a pool, we didn't want to fence off the yard so our baby would fall in and we didn't want to do all the repairs the pool needed anyway. Today was the day the guys showed up to fill it in. We had no idea they were showing up today. I was going to put my baby down for a nap and when we got out of the basement the pool was being torn apart. Now I wanted this to happen, but I've never had any big construction done to anything I've ever lived in. I've never seen big construction like this besides on the side of the road. We have huge tractors and back hoes in our tiny backyard. It is crazy! Our driveway is filled with concrete and dirt. I didn't know what to expect when we signed up for this, but for some reason I thought it would be a little be cleaner and neater of a process. I have some pretty flowers bed in the backyard that are now trashed with concrete and tractor tires. I think we won't be able to save the flower garden and so we will have to put in more grass than we thought. Things aren't going the way I had them planned in my head so now I feel sick. The next problem that will probably arise is that he is going to charge us twice our estimate! Bring on the price battle!

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Richard said...

Did you get the estimate in writing?

RandomEncounters said...

I do have the estimate in writing and we have discussed it a couple of times. Things just have a tendency to change once a job is completed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to here this. I wish you would of kept the pool though. When your baby grows up it would of loved the pool. Trust me, I'm 16, and I have friends over in the pool almost everyday. Great fun, great for parties, and great for friends.

Anyways, that is a bit crazy just to fill a pool. I remember when we got our pool renovated they messed up the grass, and we got them to replace it.

D. Prince said...

Pools are a huge pain in the ass, unless you have a lot of money. I'm just speaking from my own personal experience. I think you guys made a very smart decision.