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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I wish I were Cool

Sometimes I feel like a dork looking at all the other cool kids blogging. I read cool blogs like Coma Girl and 3 Wild Monkey's and their blogs are so funny. They must just be funny people because their writing is hilarious, and they have funny stories to tell. I think I am too OCD and anal to be funny. I try to be a funny person but I don't think it comes out funny. I'm having flashbacks of high school when I was labeled dork because I was in orchestra. Heaven forbid my talent in music could be as cool as someone else's talent for catching a ball. (I personally think my talent was more impressive, but what do I know?) I'll continue working on my humor and hopefully become one of the cool kids blogging!

Speaking of 3 Wild Monkey's check out the blog competition going on there where a ton of scrapbooking things will be given away!!

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